1. Fighting is part of any relationship. Its not always fun, but making up afterward can be. Here are 10 tips for making up:


    1.    Apologize if you need to. If you were the one that was in the wrong, apologize to your partner. Seems pretty obvious but lots of people hope that the fight will just blow over without apologizing. Just come out and say it.

    2.    Don’t make excuses. Simply apologize and say that you were in the wrong. Don’t go on and on trying to justify why you acted the way you did or you’ll re-open the conversation. You’re trying to put an end to it and move on.

    3.    Accept their apology. If they were at fault and apologize to you, simply accept it and forgive the. Don’t re-hash all the reasons why they were wrong – they obviously get it if they’re apologizing.

    4.    Put it behind you. Don’t say that you’ve forgiven them but continue to sulk for the rest of the night. Let it be done with and move on.

    5.    Change your bad behaviors. If you apologized for not listening to them enough, then make sure to stop checking your phone when they’re talking. Or whatever you resolved to do differently – make sure you actually follow through and do it.

    6.    Pay attention to body language. If you’ve forgiven them then show it with your whole body. Don’t turn away from them with your arms crossed – that’s just sending them a message that the argument isn’t really over.

    7.    Be nice. After a big argument it’s important to show your partner a little TLC. Apologizing and agreeing to make up is great but don’t just say it – show them that you’re over it and that you’re happy to make up.

    8.    Let them be nice to you. If they’re trying to shape up after being a jerk by showering you with nice gestures and compliments, just let them. Be gracious and accept their affection.

    9.    Do something fun. Arguing, apologizing and making up can be serious business sometimes, so when it’s all over make sure to get out and do something fun together. It will be a welcome change and a good distraction from whatever you were fighting about to begin with.

    10. Laugh about it. Maybe you won’t be able to do this right away, but try to find a way to lighten up the situation by finding some humor and having a laugh together.


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