1. When You Grow Apart From Your Relationships

    Both friendships and romantic relationships have the potential to be fleeting. While some last forever, others can fizzle out over time. It’s normal to have friends come and go throughout our lives, but it can be painful and sad when it happens. Here are some ways to cope with growing apart from our relationships:


    ·        Realize that no one is to blame. It doesn’t have to be someone’s fault when you grow apart from a relationship. Remind yourself that relationships come and go throughout life, and that no one is to blame when you just naturally drift apart. Don’t be mad at the other person for moving on, and don’t beat yourself up either. It’s a natural part of life.

    ·        Let it happen. It’s normal to want to fight for the friendship, but sometimes it’s best to just realize that you’re both growing apart and to just let it happen. Don’t fight it – if you are naturally drifting apart just go with the flow. You might find your way back to each other another time.

    ·        Enjoy other relationships. Don’t dwell too much on the loss of one friendship or relationship, but instead spend time with your family and other friends who you are still close with. Take time to appreciate the people that are in your life right now and spend time enjoying the relationships that are important to you.

    ·        Recognize that nothing is forever. Your separation may not be forever. Just as friends can drift out of our lives, they can drift back in at a later time in our lives. Relationships are fluid, always moving and changing as the people within them grow and change. So just as you aren’t the same person throughout your whole life, you relationships aren’t always going to have the same status.

    ·        Wish them well. Part of accepting the fact that it’s no one’s fault and recognizing that friends come and go, is wishing them well. Respect the time that you spent together and wish them the best in whatever the future holds for them. You might not actually have a conversation about this, but you can send out positive vibes to the universe, hoping for the best for them.

    ·        See it as a new beginning. Rather than dwelling on the fact that something has ended in your life, focus on the fact that you’ll have more time to spend on something else in your life. Take this as a time to meet a new friend, start a new activity or start something else new in your life. Turn the end of your friendship into a positive reason for new growth and experience.




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