Relationship Obstacles

Relationship Obstacles

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Some are unique to each couple, while others are more universal obstacles that lots of us face. Facing relationship obstacles isn’t easy, and whether or not they can be overcome depends on a number of factors specific to you and your partner. Here are some common relationship obstacles and what you need to overcome them:

  • Long distance. Having to deal with a long distance relationship is a major challenge, even if it’s for a relatively short period of time. When you’re used to seeing each other every day it can be a major change to go weeks or months without being together. Keeping in touch in any way you can (email, phone, Skype, texting, etc.) helps to keep the lines of communication open. Planning visits where you’ll be together gives you something to look forward to and count down towards. It’s not easy, but if you’re both dedicated to being together you can definitely make it work.
  • Schedules. Sometimes two people in a relationship can have opposite work schedules, or be so busy with commitments that it can be a major relationship obstacle. If you don’t have time to spend with your partner they can feel neglected, lonely and resentful. Some people claim that they are too busy to be in a relationship, but the truth is that anyone can make a relationship work if they are committed to it and make it a priority. You might need to get creative in when or how you’ll spend time together, but even the busiest of couples can carve out snippets of time to be together. When you’re dealing with scheduling conflicts it stresses how important quality time is over quantity.
  • Other people. Our relationships are never exempt from the influence of other people. If there’s an outside person who is interested in stealing you or your partner away from each other, it can be a major relationship obstacle. Jealousy can wreak havoc on a relationship that isn’t stable. It’s important to remember that outside people don’t define your relationship – you do. If you and your partner have a trusting, rock-solid relationship then you’ll be able to withstand a passing crush from an outsider.
  • Friends & family. We are all under major influence from our friends and family, even if we don’t realize it. If they don’t like our partner, or they don’t get along, it can be a major relationship obstacle. It can cast doubt in our eyes about whether or not our partner really is right for us, and can cause a lot of strain and stress in group situations. While it’s ideal that our friends and family like our partners, it’s not necessary to maintain a happy relationship. It can be difficult, but if you and your partner have a stable relationship you can overcome any personality conflicts you might face with your family and friends. It’s also important to remember that them not getting along isn’t necessarily a permanent situation as people’s perceptions can change over time. You might just need to persevere and things might change one day.
  • Different life paths. One of the biggest relationship obstacles is when each person wants something different or is on a different path in their life. Sometimes one person wants more commitment than the other is willing to give, or someone might have goals in their life that don’t align with being in the relationship. It’s hard to overcome this type of obstacle without one person settling or giving up what they want. Communication is important throughout the relationship so that you both know if you’re on the same page or if it’s time to move on.



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